Our limited alpha testing phase quickly turned into a soft launch as many members in the community were eager to try Nelson’s capabilities.

Over a period of few days, the alpha testers have contributed a lot to make Nelson more stable and production ready. New nodes running Nelson were being added on a daily basis reaching at least over 230 active nodes (due to the structure of the network, it is hard to tell the exact amount of active nodes).

15 entry nodes have been contributed by the community so far, which should make the onboarding of new nodes extremely fast (10–30 seconds) and easily handle several thousand of additional nodes on a daily basis.

A small ecosystem is already forming around Nelson. Community members are creating automatic installation scripts and services to make IOTA’s full node deployment even easier:

  1. If you have an Amazon AWS account, you can easily launch a full node server with Fabian’s CloudFormation script in just 3 clicks:
  2. Nuriel contributed an Ansible Playbook to launch IRI+Nelson full node:
  3. New ideas for desktop full-node app and node launch services for less-technical fans are being discussed.

For the tech-savvy, you can install and try Nelson here: https://github.com/SemkoDev/nelson.cli

An additional installation tutorial will be published this week here on Medium. Please read the README carefully as it answers most of the questions. If you still have trouble, you can join the #nelson channel on slack and ask for help. For those without Slack access, I will try to keep an eye on IOTA’s StackExchange for any Nelson-related questions. Also, consider helping each other as these kind of projects live from the community!

Keep in mind that this is beta software and might still have some known and undiscovered bugs. Help, feedback and contributions are always welcome!

Just a milestone

Automatic peer discovery will open new possibilities for new services (more on that in the coming articles) and community projects as well as strengthen the Tangle with additional, well-connected nodes.

A Cambrian Explosion of IOTA nodes and services!

As for ourselves, Nelson is an important milestone for our Deviota project. We are going into low-burn mode until January and hopefully continue with the next Deviota milestone, if time permits.

Happy Holidays everyone!

Roman Semko
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