Romeo ❤️ Ledger Nano

As some of you might have heard through the grapevine, the official Ledger IOTA App is about to be released — all thanks to the community-driven initiative lead by some of the best developers we were honoured to be working with (some of them actively participating in the Hercules development as well): wollac, diskings, muXxer and others. Same developers have helped us [...]

Romeo ❤️ Ledger Nano2018-10-08T09:38:57+02:00

Rebranding/ Deviota

Deviota With the imminent release of SemkoDev’s Hercules node for IOTA and the recent speculations and discussions regarding our intentions, I want give our followers a small update on where we are heading in the upcoming months. Rebranding In order to avoid confusion and misunderstandings with a potential competitor, but also to re-align ourselves with the updated mission statement, we [...]

Rebranding/ Deviota2018-08-03T10:48:38+02:00