Nelson in a nutshell

Boy, it has been a long time since the last post about Nelson! Many sleepless nights and gallons of coffee down the road and with the Nelson’s alpha release in sight, here is a little less-technical explanation about the technology behind Nelson. Nelson creates a structured overlay network of nodes (a ”Nelson community”) and manages the neighbours of locally running [...]

Nelson in a nutshell2018-08-08T12:41:47+02:00

Nelson: Automatic peer discovery for IOTA

This is a small update on Deviota project as requested by the community. An important issue we, the project and the IOTA in general is facing. One of the things we were working on for Deviota is a way to automatically discover IOTA neighbor nodes, but minimizing the associated risks of Eclipse or Uncooperative-Node attacks. Why? Let’s face it, the [...]

Nelson: Automatic peer discovery for IOTA2018-08-08T12:41:30+02:00

Decentralised cryptocurrency is dead

Blockchain is turning from something revolutionary to just another model of the same old, rotten system. If your thought that bitcoin would democratise the financial order and will cut out the middlemen, think again. It’s not about the technology you are using: blockchain, tangle, 2x blocks, smart contracts, segwits, lightning networks, Schnorr or whatever the nerds will come up with. [...]

Decentralised cryptocurrency is dead2018-08-08T12:40:59+02:00

Deviota’s vision of IoT Telematics

Deviota's groundbreaking work to create an integrated financial manager for complete households is just an intermediary step in a much bigger vision. The current development is to create a basis for multi-user multi-seed “wallet” manager that allows us to explore far more complex application scenarios in the future. The rabbit hole is as deep as you want it to be [...]

Deviota’s vision of IoT Telematics2018-08-08T12:40:35+02:00

IOTA: Why free transactions matter most

A short fable about IOTAns and blockchainians Foreword There are two main benefits of IOTA over previous generations of cryptos: unlimited scalability and free transactions. The importance of scalability is obvious: if you want to achieve global adoption, you will need to address this issue. While the conventional blockchain can be bloated with layers of added complexity in order to [...]

IOTA: Why free transactions matter most2018-08-08T12:39:55+02:00