Software development is our calling. Our team began offering software development on a full-time basis back in 2010. Ever since then, we have had the honour of executing numerous demanding projects for well-known companies. Apart from English and German we are fluent in Spanish, Russian and Ukranian – that has always been helpful while working with international teams.

We always aim to exceed your expectations.

Anne Semko
Anne SemkoProject Management & Consulting
Anne plans and organises our software projects.
She maintains contact with our clients and our network.

She also deals with negotiations, contracting and project management.
Clients value her reliability and organisational skills.

Her strengths also include blockchain technologies/ distributed ledger, agile project management such as Scrum as well as skilled community and social media management.

Vitaly Semko
Vitaly SemkoDevelopment & Consulting
Vitaly has been working as a freelance developer since 2002. He specialises in the development of user interfaces and complex JavaScript-based web applications.

He is an expert when it comes to ReactJS and AngularJS development – areas in which he has worked on numerous challenging projects.

His latest assignments have dealt primarily with blockchain, machine learning, Three.js/WebGL and D3.js.

Roman Semko
Roman SemkoDevelopment & Consulting
Roman is a senior developer in Python/Django and blockchain.
In addition, he has extensive experience in the field of other technologies (Angular, React, machine learning), which he has been dealing with since 2002.

His focus is on the programming of scalable P2P networks, server back ends and APIs.

Some of his systems have reached millions of users. Some of them you will know from television.

Continuing professional development

We are constantly expanding our knowledge through projects of our own and by attending courses at renowned universities. Currently we are concentrating in particular on artificial intelligence, machine learning and data science.